Climate Change Team 2015-2016

Regina Beatus

Regina Beatus, Chair Climate Change Team

By Regina Beatus, Climate Change Team Chair.

The Climate Change Team is celebrating its tenth year with the LWVBAE by expanding its reach and effectiveness.

Monitoring Agencies

Bay Area Air Quality Management District: Members monitor the push for more stringent regulations to reduce Green House Gas [GHG] emissions. Members also met to discuss possible actions with John Gioia, BAAQMD Board member, CARB member, and Contra Costa Supervisor.

California Public Utility Commission: members monitor the implementation of net metering.

Local Action

City of Berkeley Building Energy Savings Ordinance (BESO): This measure will require commercial and residential buildings to pay for energy audits over the next 15 years with the goal of encouraging owners to invest in changes to reduce energy use. The team proposed, and League Board approved, a letter to Council requesting that the Council reconsider the residential portion of the ordinance because of the financial stress it would put on homeowners. Chair Regina Beatus spoke for the League at a Berkeley City Council meeting; the Council removed the household section of the ordinance for further consideration.

Berkeley Climate Action Coalition: The Team continues to work as part of this coalition to help engage the community in implementing Berkeley’s Climate Action Plan. Team members belong to several working groups and support educational and lobbying efforts.

Community Choice Energy [Aggregation]: Prompted by our work with the CCE working group of the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition, we are seeking endorsements from other Alameda County Leagues to support Community Choice Energy.  Alameda County is doing a feasibility study on a possible county-wide  Community Choice Energy program.

State Action

The Team campaigned vigorously, with other Leagues, to get LWVC to actively support SB32 and SB350, which would put state climate reduction policies into law. At the State League Convention, our caucus urged leagues to contact their legislators to pass these climate bills.   SB32 sets 2050 pollution targets into law.  SB350 sets into law the Governor’s 2030 climate goals. Also, we are working on talking points with LWVC to advocate for the bills

Public Education

The LWVUS has resolved that putting a price on carbon emissions is an important issue.  In support, later this year we intend to co-sponsor a public forum with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby on Putting a Price on Carbon.

Taking Public Education National on the Web Diz Swift of our team, launched providing information and arguments for business leaders and others that putting a price on carbon makes good economic sense. The LWVUS Advocacy Committee has endorsed the website.

If you are interested in joining our effort, please contact Regina Beatus at 524-6904 or

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