Climate Change Gains Big at Convention

waterfallClimate change was the topic of three caucuses, a round table discussion, and a workshop at the LWVUS Convention.  Key outcomes were the formation of a Climate Change Network across the U.S.and passage of a resolution to put a price on carbon with proposed action on how to do it.  Our League members Diz Swift, Janice Blumenkrantz and Carol Stone were active players in achieving both.

Round Table:  LWVBAE set up a round table discussion on climate where we met interested Leaguers from around the U.S. and began forming the idea of building a climate change network to share ideas and solutions.

Caucus “Stepping up our Game in Reducing Carbon Emissions” was to foster support for the resolution to put a price on carbon, sponsored by the Delaware LWV.  Attendance was excellent and enthusiastic.  Members of our League spoke on hazardous materials in the Bay Area (Blumenkrantz), California’s climate legislation (Swift) and what LWVBAE is doing (Stone).   Petitions supporting the resolution were circulated at the plenary sessions with more than 120 signing, representing over 20% of delegates.  The resolution passed the next day.

Caucus “Combating Climate Change:  What Your League Can Do” was sponsored by Florida which is urgentlythreatened  by  sea  level  rise, but are faced with arch denialamong state politicians.   Swift  was  invited  to  introduce the idea of forming a climate change network for local Leagues and to ask for those interested to sign up.

Caucus “Protecting Our Planet:  New Resources for Climate Action”, sponsored by the LWVUS Climate Change Task Force (CCTF), reminded us of the tools they have made available.  Lloyd Leonard, lead lobbyist for LWV, strongly encouraged support of the recent Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement of the Existing Source Rule to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants.  He recommends we communicate with the President and all legislators to commend the EPA action, emphasizing improved health as a key benefit.

Workshop on Climate Change, sponsored by CCTF, reviewed key executive actions on climate change, including the President’s 2013 Climate Action Plan , the EPA Existing Source Rule, and the 2014 National Climate Assessment.

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