Campaign Disclosure Bills Move Forward

Thank you for your support! Leagues and their members contacted their senators in support of our League priority issue campaign disclosure: SB 2 (Lieu) and SB 3 (Yee), the Sunshine in Campaigns Act bills cosponsored by the LWVC and California Common Cause, as well as SB 27 (Correa) and SB 52 (Leno), the California DISCLOSE Act. Your work paid off!All four bills have been passed by the Senate and are now awaiting hearings in the Assembly.

SB 2, SB 3, and SB 27 will:

  • Close the loophole that allows campaigns to receive millions from out-of-state interests or other donors without having to disclose the sources
  • Require candidates to “stand by their ad” and toughen slate mailer disclosure
  • Lay the groundwork for a new online reporting system to replace the antiquated, unreliable current one
  • Beef up enforcement and increase fines for violations.

SB 52 (Leno) will require the three largest funders of political ads to be clearly and legibly identified on the ads themselves.


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