Black Lives Matter–BOCA Meeting Against Violence June 25, 6 pm

Would you like to represent the League at the June 25 BOCA Meeting from 6-8 pm? I will only be there briefly, as our Board meeting starts at 7 pm. In light of the recent massacre of 9 African-Americans in a church in Shelby, North Carolina, we Leaguers need to show our support for those in our community working against violence.
BOCA Citywide Meeting – June 25th Ceasefire in Berkeley
Congregation Netivot Shalom, 1316 University
6-8pm Dinner will be provided  Guest Speaker: Ben McBride will speak about the Ceasefire program as it exists in Oakland, and how we could implement street outreach in Berkeley. If you are concerned about violence in your neighborhood or Night Walks, this is the meeting to attend!  Food will be provided.
Please let me, Nancy Bickel,  know if you’d like to attend at
Please RSVP for food to Darlene Yan at darlene.yan@gmail, or call/text(510) 318-1150.
Other League members and I have been attending BOCA meetings and participating in some of their demonstrations and night walks against violence for the past year.
Ruby and Bob MacDonald and I participated recently in a demonstration related to the recent killings by police.  We also recently attended a meeting at the First Unitarian Church where we heard Ben McBride speak–a very interesting and effective speaker.
BOCA stands for Berkeley Organizing Congregations for Action.  It is an association of congregations and clergy people in Berkeley working for social goals that the League shares such as gun control, violence reduction, social justice, expanding the electorate to include under-represented groups and more.  It is a way to reach fellow citizens whom we might not reach otherwise.
Nancy Bickel

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