Big Impact, Big Attendance, at State League Convention May 17-19

LWVBAE Delegates at 2012 National Convention

LWVBAE Delegates at 2012 National Convention

LWVBAE members had a big impact at the  state convention May 17-19.  Two of our teams–Climate Change and Health Care–led workshops and caucuses on urgent issues in their areas. The possibility of “Improved Medicare for All” was introduced at the Healthcare Workshop organized by Li-hsia Wang and others, when speakers Deborah LeVeen and Molly Tavella will discuss the Affordable Care Act–Obamacare–and how California could go beyond the ACA to offer a single-payer plan.

All the delegates pictured above at the national convention were at state convention. They are: in front row Diz Swift, Janice Blumenkrantz, Li-hsia Wang and Sherry Smith; in back row Helene and Harold Lecar and Gail Schickele.

“Putting a Price on Carbon Emissions”  tackled the urgent question of what is the best way to curb carbon emissions–cap-and-trade system or taxing emissions. It was led by Diz Swift, Gail Schickele, Regina Beatus and a host of others from our Climate Change team, including Janice, Harold and Gail above.

Eighteen members of our League attended this year’s state convention in San Jose June 17-19–a record number of attendees according to long-time members. Newcomers to League conventions found the pace demanding, but exhilarating, with caucuses at 7:30 am and 8:30 to 10:30 pm, workshops at 3:30 and morning and afternoon plenary sessions every day.  At the plenaries, our six delegates–Sherry Smith, Nancy Bickel, Carol Stone, Diz Swift, Phyllis Gale and Pat Kuhi–voted on the state League budget for the next two years, on changes to the by-laws and on the issues will will study and lobby on for the next two years. Janice Blumenkrantz filled in for Phyllis Gale as a delegate and Angharad Jones  for Sherry Smith at the final Sunday plenary sessions.

Other Leaguers attending and participating but not yet mentioned here are Abigail Bok, SmartVoter Coordinator, Linda Carothers, Rainey Sykes, Barb Singelton and Nancy Parker.

Nancy Bickel

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