Bay Area Open Space – What is it Worth?

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Bay Area League Day, Saturday, February 1, will explore the value of Bay Area open space across our nine counties.

Open space is more than just a beautiful landscape or a place to hike.  Within the more than a million acres protected permanently from development in the Bay Area, a new vision of the value of open space is emerging. An Ecosystem Survey being conducted by the Santa Clara and Sonoma open space districts is developing data on the cost-benefit value of investing in nature. Connectivity between open lands allows for greater used by the public and wildlife. Some open lands are being used as a baseline to study the effects of climate change. Habitat conservation plans are being developed to enhance the provision of water supply by preserving and enhancing watersheds and improving flood protection.

Topics to be covered:

  • Extent of lands now permanently protected and areas still at risk
  • Economic value of open lands: agricultural production, tourist visitation, public health, etc.
  • Role of natural areas in offsetting sea level rise
  • Importance of connections and linkages between open spaces

Come hear the discussion.  Saturday, February 1, 10:00a to 2:30p, MetroCenter Auditorium, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA  94607.  The cost is $35.00.  You may register online at .  For questions call Alec MacDonald at (510) 839-1608.

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