Alameda County Office of Education Superintendent’s Race

Watch the Forum online or on Berk. Ch. 33
or Albany City Cable Channel

LWVBAE’s election program host,  Lessly Wikle Field, will moderate the forum.
Find out how the Candidates stand on important issues.

Candidates for the Superintendent of the Alameda Office of Education.

Candidates for the Superintendent of the Alameda Office of Education.
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You can watch this forum on line at CandidateForumsApr14, where it is posted in 3 approximately half-hour sections labeled ACOE #1, ACOE #2, ACOE #3 on the League of Women Voters Eden Area YouTube channel.  Start watching #1 at 4:30 minutes into the recording.

The broadcast-quality 90 minute video will be shown repeatedly in coming weeks, up to election day on June 3, on Berkeley Cable Channel 33. On Wed 15 April  at 8 pm and Thursday 16 April at 8 am and 4 pm; before the School Board Meeting on Wednesday 23 April 5:30 pm; Sunday 27 April 6- 7:30 pm, Monday 28 April 5 pm, Wed, 30 April, 5;30 before the school board meeting.

It should start running on the Albany city cable channel by May 1 and be posted on the youtube channel of LWVEA, the League of Women Voters of Eden Area, very soon.

Sheila Jordan, longtime County Superintendent of Schools is retiring, so the superintendent’s office will be an open race this election. The Alameda County Leagues of Women Voters invited the candidates to a forum Wed, April 9  at Oakland City Hall, 1, in Oakland.

This is one of the invisible elective offices where voters have to vote  without being familiar with the people, the job or its powers. Interested folks are warmly invited to attend–and ask good questions. It’s only a few steps from the 12th St BART station, so no parking worries!

The Candidates and their websites are: Jeff Bowser,; Naomi Eason,; Helen K. Foster,; Karen Monroe,; and Ursula Reed,

The forum will be taped and replayed on Berkeley Community Media’s cable channels 28 and 33 and will be available on YouTube. Extensive information on all the candidates and the few ballot measures on the June 3 ballot will be available soon at the California League’s; until then and as always good info on the County Registrar of Voters site and the Secretary of State site.

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