Elisabeth MacNamara, President, LWVUS

Elisabeth MacNamara, President, LWVUS

Members of the House and Senate are trying to permanently block the Clean Power Plan. Finalized earlier this year by the Obama Administration, the Plan protects public health, creates thousands of efficiency-related jobs, reduces electricity bills and delivers power reliability.

The Clean Power Plan developed, with the input of thousands of stakeholders, is the single biggest step we have ever taken to tackle climate change. It puts in place commonsense limits on carbon pollution from power plants and provides the flexibility states need to develop their own plans to meet pollution reduction targets. Congress seeks to undo all of the health and economic benefits of the Clean Power Plan and bar the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from issuing similar standards in the future.

Join me and urge Congress to oppose all attempts to overturn, limit or undermine the Clean Power Plan.

Blocking these commonsense safeguards puts polluter profits before the health of our children. This means that Americans would continue to be exposed indefinitely to carbon pollution and the impacts of climate change.

Climate change is a global catastrophe on a historic scale that will change the course of human life. It’s time Congress supports people, not polluters.

The League has been at the forefront of the movement urging the Obama Administration to move forward with this life-saving regulation. League members have already submitted tens of thousands of comments to the EPA to ensure a strong final regulation, and we need you to raise your voices on this important issue yet again. Please join the League in urging your members of Congress to oppose these resolutions that puts the health of our children and families at risk, threatens the quality of our air, and strips the EPA of the tools to address dangerous carbon pollution. 

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